cherish andrea: Blog en-us (C) cherish andrea (cherish andrea) Fri, 06 Oct 2017 19:19:00 GMT Fri, 06 Oct 2017 19:19:00 GMT cherish andrea: Blog 80 120 Colbi and Adam: Engaged These two....made for each other. Just look at the photos and you can tell- the laughter, all the smiles and romance and love, it's all wrapped up in these two. Oh yeah and we have a mutual addiction to yeti's (scroll down) which makes me love them even more! Congrats Colbi and Adam!

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Magnus: Newborn Introducing the sweet and the strong Magnus Steinar. The Smedvig family reminded again me why I love my job. Their family carried such beauty and love and it was a blessing to capture. Sweet little Magnus, we are glad you are here!!

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The Helmering Family

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Nathanael: Newborn Nathanael Erik Kawase

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Blake and Rachel: Married [Kansas City] Blake from Texas and Rachel from Kansas, you know this wedding was filled with pure joy and sweetness all around. So honored to photograph this beautiful day and watch these two step into covenant with God and each other. Congrats Blake and Rachel! 

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Bryan and Taylor: Married [Kansas City, Missouri]          

If you know the Carr Family, you know how much they love people! and not just love but truly care for and open up their home to so many. I knew when Taylor approached us to document their wedding day, that it was going to be a day of rich celebration, not only for her and Bryan's covenant but of the family and friendships that surround them as well. Both Taylor and Bryan carry such a noble integrity about them. Bryan with his love for coffee and cocktails, Taylor's shining excellence in education and music and their combined love for the Lord in every area. They both carry that sparkle in their eyes- full of love for life and people. Their day was filled with so much joy, Isaac even said to me how encouraging it was to see so many people celebrating a couple in such an incredible, deep way. Taylor and Bryan, you two sure are loved and your wedding day displayed that. 


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Chris and Chelsea: Married [Hermann, Missouri] I love intimate weddings and everything about this wedding was that. Tucked back in the rollings hills of Missouri, is this little quaint town, Hermann. Chris and Chelsea got married at hilltop at sunset surrounded by family and close friends. The day was filled with so much joy and peace- contentment, and I think that shows what Chris and Chelsea are all about! Congrats Mr and Mrs Glissman! Thanks for letting us be a part of your magical day!


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Chris and Chelsea: Engaged I was 19 and fresh out of high school, young, immature and Chelsea was a huge blessing that was put in my life. She drove me to get a cup of tea and let me sit on her couch and watched me cry as I tried to figure out what I want to with my life. Almost 7 years later, and she has a ring on her finger and smiling from ear to ear with this man named Chris in her arms. I don't think I've done a session where the couple laughed so much! Chris and Chelsea are full of so much joy and it's such a blessing to get to be able to celebrate this season of love with them! Congrats Chris and Chelsea and can't wait for your wedding! 

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Sven and Rachelle: Married [Phoenix, Arizona] A girl from Phoenix moved to Jordan where there she met a boy from Norway. The rest is history. They fell in love and this wedding was filled with nothing but sweetness, love and culture! 


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Andy and Anna: Kansas City Wedding   

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Courtney and Keith: Engaged Meet Courtney and Keith. Two beautiful stories coming together in May to be one. I'm so honored I got to meet these two and photograph the radiant love they have for each other. It's evident they are best friends! Here's just a peak of a few favorites! 

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Jo and Amos: Engaged Jo and Amos, everything about this couple is FUN. You're bound to laugh when being around them. Amos was on our team to Hong Kong so I got to know him pretty well riding crazy taxi's, eating interesting food and exploring some big cities. So excited for him and Jo as they look toward their wedding in June! Love you both! 

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Kyle and Stacia: Married [Lawrence, Kansas]

Kyle from Alaska and Stacia from Minnesota. These two truly make the perfect match. :) The two got married at Alvamar Country Club in Lawrence, Kansas. The day was smooth sailing, but mostly because both of them carry such a sweet contentment about them. It was a true joy and blessing getting to photograph their day. Stacia was the one who helped make Isaac and I's wedding happen and come out beautiful, so getting to be by her side on her day made it even sweeter! So blessed by these two and so happy they are one now! Congrats, Kyle and Stacia! 

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John and Rebekah: Married [Weston Red Barn Farm] John and Rebekah. The stunning couple you might remember from their proposal I got to photograph here. Rebekah couldn't stop smiling that day and on their wedding day, she did the same. It was a hot day on July 26th, but not even the heat could stop their joy, excitement and love for each other. They married on the countryside at Weston Red Barn Farm right before the sun started to set and celebrated under glowing lights surrounded by planted succulents while enjoying quiche and espresso. There's something so sweet about this couple, and I loved being a part of their day! John and Rebekah, you belong to each other and it's so evident. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Clinton!!!

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David and Ali: Wedding {Kansas City, Missouri} David and Ali, a boy and a girl that are head over heels for each other and you can tell that whenever you are around them. They exude joy and love and their wedding day was filled with that. Even with the day scattered with rain, they didn't let it ruin their day. David and Ali had filled out their bucket list's and one of the items on David's was to run in the rain wearing expensive clothing, well he got to check that off! Right before their ceremony it started raining, so we got an intimate ceremony under umbrellas and he got to run down the isle carrying his now bride, Mrs. Mason. David and Ali, thank for you letting me document your beautiful day!

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Chris and Chesea: Married {Weston Red Barn Farm} The day started with a downpour of rain and the forecast called for it all day until we drove closer to the hills of Weston the sky opened up a beautiful bright blue. Chris and Chelsea had a beautiful day and one of my favorite things about them is that it's hard to find them together and not full smiles and laughing! Congrats Chris and Chelsea Joseph!

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David and Jennifer: Married [Lee's Summit, Missouri] This blog post is dear to my heart for a lot of reasons, but mostly it involves a big part of why I am a photographer. I was in high school when I got an email from a stranger (to me) but a friend of a friend.. She was a photographer looking for an assistant. Who, me? I'm just a teenager who loves taking my camera everywhere I go (but deep down have no idea what I'm doing.) Photographing a wedding was way beyond flowers in the backyard and the sky as I drove to school. She met me at a coffee shop, handed me her camera and a book on photography signed with a note and took me under her wing. For the next few summers we photographed wedding after wedding, too many ring shots to count, conversations comparing reception dinner food, and dreaming about details we would want at our own wedding. Jen became a dear friend and mentor and eventually the one who helped bring Isaac and I together. 

My heart was blessed and honored when Jen came asking for ME to photographer her wedding day. Once again I responded to her "Who, ME?!?." A photographer needing a photographer for her wedding is no small thing. Jennifer and David, thanks for letting us document your day. We couldn't be more excited for your marriage! and to Jennifer.... I love you, it's because of you I do what I do now and I'm forever thankful! 

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John and Rebekah: A Proposal Story I always love a proposal and was so excited when John asked me to document this beautiful and incredible day. The morning started with breakfast at Blue Bird Bistro when Rebekah thought she was supposed to be at work. Her boss was in on the secret and told her she had the morning off, little did she know that John planned the whole thing. I got a few shots of them inside at breakfast and then headed to meet up with their brother and sister, Ben and Natalie and waited for them to arrive. He asked and she said yes and you can tell by the photos their love for each other. They then hopped in the car and drove to Chicago for the weekend to share the exciting news with family. John and Rebekah, I couldn't be more excited for you and thank you for letting me be a part of your proposal day! 

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Jacob and Erica: Married [Kansas City, Missouri] The father of the bride made a statement about Jacob at the reception commenting on how he is just happy all the time and it couldn't be more true... and Erica.. the same way. Them together just makes them one of those couples where joy and the love of Jesus just oozes out of them, those people you just love. Being a part of their day was a huge blessing. Enjoy their wedding preview! 

Also, just want to add that my amazing husband got some of these shots too. :) He's the best work partner around!

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Justin and Tamra: Wedding [Kansas City, Kansas] Tamra and Justin's wedding was on a hot day in Kansas City, Kansas, but they never complained of the heat. You might tell by the photos, but Tamra's response to almost everything is a huge smile and laughter. They day was filled with joy surrounded by beautiful people. Bless you, Tamra and Justin! 

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