cherish andrea | About

Welcome to behind the lens.
My name is Cherish Andrea Smith. 

My aim and goal is to find love...HIs love all around me, in the small and big moments and photography allows me to capture it.  A girl with that ring on her finger preparing to give herself away, the first time a groom sees His bride, the first cries of a baby entering life from the womb, a father tying his 2 year old shoes, a family of 3, now 4, now 5, going on a walk through the woods. These moments are filled with love and it is love in the end that I believe is the only thing that will remain, that counts, that matters and will be remembered. 


We love because we are first loved. That's what I'm about :)

I first started enjoying photography when I was 7 years old running around the house with my Mom's 35mm film camera taking pictures of my stuffed animals and the flowers in the backyard. This enjoyment then turned into a hobby as I got older, which then turned into something I absolutely love and now it's what I do. Not just a job, but my heart.

More than my love for photography, I love people. I love seeing the hearts of couples, families and children, hearing their story, seeing their smiles, and capturing the love of our Maker into one single frame. I'm all about displaying pictures of real, genuine love.